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Data Entry 1

Defining Data Entry Operations

The very crux or grass root element of any business process is data processing or recording and documentation of confidential information or third party sensitive data for later use or perusal. In today’s paperless world driven by technology and digital transactions, digital signatures of compliance and electronic mail, data processing and information storage is a labour sensitive work although it requires no special expertise. But the relentless nature of the work which is not prone to undergo even 0.01% of process change in the recent future is largely mechanical which makes it very uninteresting at times. However, despite the mechanical nature of the work, it lies in a cusp where it requires just enough human intervention for it to not be automated and it requires just enough skills to not be an area of skilled expertise. Hence the area of data entry is a slightly complex spot wherein the work process is continuous and extremely critical to the overall success of the business process and yet the nature of work is such that it requires intense scrutiny and is extremely labour intensive. This part of any work process is called data entry and by and large refers to the continuous updation and storage of system related and third party data is secure databases for future use and to prevent infringement of confidentiality.


The need to outsource data entry operations

Now data entry is a part of the entire business process which requires intense monitoring and scrutiny as discussed earlier and is labour intensive. In a professional layout such as manufacturing processes, which is data sensitive and at the same time not in collusion to the working environment of data entry processing which is rendered through computer systems, having a separate team just to monitor data entry processes adhere to their guidelines of operation can be highly distracting from the main point of contention in the same space, which is manufacturing. Moreover, it requires hiring a separate team of workers with separate skill sets to be assessed on and implementing a hierarchical structure to ensure quality assurance of output. This not only calls for allotting additional investments and overheads and allowances apart from compensations from the main budget of operation but also takes away attention from the main point of contention in the workspace, which is to excel at manufacturing processes, for example, in a manufacturing work layout. Hence it makes sense to off load these responsibilities or outsource them completely to a creative unit and simply make them an accountable stakeholder for all deliverables. That way you can continue doing what you are best at and your data entry needs can be delivered by the creative team under their strict surveillance for quality assured output.

Data Entry Resources Development

At Monster Marketing we train and absorb fresher graduates within our ranks to create multiple trained resources for delivering data entry requirements on a continuous basis. We have a reserve of foot soldiers who are yet to make the transition from a training environment to real-time work, so in case of shortage of resources, we are always equipped with trained resources as a backup so that deliverables are not compromised in quality. Moreover, our working environment is very conducive for creative and monotonous work roles; hence we are committed to deriving the best out of our team, whether they are data entry experts or in a separate area of expertise.